“So is RegDesk essentially a regulatory consulting firm?”

Questions like these haunt everyone on the ours team. More often than not, inquisitors are quick to slap the “consulting firm” label onto the RegDesk name when attempting to categorize the company. But the truth is RegDesk is a software company, not a consulting one.

RegDesk is the developer of a cutting-edge regulatory intelligence software solution that delivers insights to medical device and pharmaceutical companies that are ready to launch their products in foreign markets.

While we do provide medical device and pharmaceutical companies with regulatory guidance and actionable insights that get them to market faster, RegDesk is not like Emergo and the other traditional regulatory consulting firms. We are fundamentally different in the ways in which we deliver these insights to our clients.

So let’s set the record straight! Here are 4 ways ours company is different from Emergo and other traditional regulatory consulting firms:

1. We arenot a consulting firm.

First things first, RegDesk is a software company, not a traditional regulatory consulting firm. This means that ours company is neither a black box nor a middleman like its consulting competitors. We put our clients into direct contact with the information they need to know and the regulatory consultants from whom they need guidance. This enables us to deliver intelligence in weeks instead of months and get our clients to market much faster than their competition.

2. RegDesk uses artificial intelligence to craft the most valuable and actionable insights for each individual client.

We don’t force our clients to rely solely on human brainpower. Our software leverages A.I. and machine learning to deliver insights that are tailored specifically to each company’s projects and needs. Using these mechanisms, We can predict market readiness and the risks any company may face upon attempting to enter certain markets abroad.

3. We cover more countries than Emergo.

The  software suite supports over 100 markets worldwide, while Emergo and Pacific Bridge Medical serve only 22 markets and 12 markets, respectively.

We don’t force you to go into the most popular markets for your industry. With RegDesk, you can cast a wider net than your competition and snap up market share in the countries that are most lucrative for your company and its products.

4. Both medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies can use ours amazing product.

Some regulatory consulting firms serve medical device companies, while others serve pharmaceutical companies. Ours company supports both. Companies both big and small from either industry are eligible to join the list of companies that trust RegDesk.

Want to experience the power of ours product? Submit an inquiry to desk@regdesk.co.