#WebinarWednesday is almost here! Join us on February 27th at 11am EST to discuss upcoming medical device regulatory changes in Brazil with our guest speaker, Marcelo Antunes, a highly qualified regulatory strategy consultant based in the country.

About him

Marcelo Antunes has almost two decades of experience in the medical device regulatory affairs and compliance industry. For the past 12 years, Antunes has been a regulatory strategy consultant at a leading consulting firm in São Paulo, Brazil. Additionally, Antunes is currently a professor of medical device regulatory affairs at Instituto Racine and Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações.

Not only does Antunes demonstrate expertise within Brazil’s regulatory affairs industry, but he also exhibits an expansive working knowledge of international regulatory systems, namely the USFDA and the European Union’s European Commission, and international regulatory standards, including those of the IEC and ISO. His regulatory affairs consulting experience is quite extensive and covers most aspects of medical device lifecycle compliance, including quality systems, risk management, software and product safety, product lifecycle testing and management, and quality and regulatory auditing.

On Wednesday, February 27th at 11am EST, Marcelo Antunes will share with us his wealth of knowledge about Brazil’s medical device regulatory landscape and the upcoming changes that have been proposed by ANVISA. If your company is looking to register, or is currently registering, its products in Brazil, you won’t want to miss this. Register for this month’s #WebinarWednesday today!