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Pakistan Medical Device Regulations

All medical devices are regulated by the Medical Devices and Medicated Cosmetics Division, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP)
Medical Device Definition
There is no official "medical device definition." Rather, there are multiple definitions given as "active medical device," "active device intended for diagnosis," "active therapeutic device," "adultered medical device," "counterfeit medical device," "custom-made medical device," "implantable medical device," "invasive medical device," "life supporting or life sustaining medical device," "medical device for self-testing or self-administration," "misbranded medical device," "special access medical device," "spurious medical device," "substandard medical device," and "surgically invasive medical device" (Medical Devices Rules, Ch. I, Art 2).
Classification of Medical Device
International Classification Examples Risk Level
Class A Simple wound dressings, cotton wool, syringes without needles, urine collection bottles, compression hosiery, examination gloves Low
Class B Non-medicated impregnated gauze dressings, tubes used for blood transfusion, urinary catheters Low-Moderate
Class C Dressings for chronic ulcerated wounds, dressings for severe burns, blood bags High-Moderate
Class D

Angioplasty balloon catheters and related guidewires, dedicated disposable cardiovascular surgical instruments, breast implants

Premarket Approval Process
Conformity assessment procedure: prepare a declaration of conformity (DoC) and establish a Quality Management System (QMS) including proof of compliance with ISO 13485.
Prepare a common submission dossier template (CSDT) which includes classification and description of medical device, preclinical study information, clinical evidence, information about if device is novel or hazardous, and demonstrate conformity. CSDT shall be written in English.
The Medical Device Board (MDB) will then review dossier and grant registration.
Additional Information
Validity Five years
Costs Registration Cost: USD  $1440-$3634 depending on type of device and
Local Testing Not required
Clinical Studies Required
Post Market Surveillance The manufacturer must establish, maintain and implement a post-market surveillance system. Medical Devices Rules, Ch. II, Part II, 6.
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