The International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICRMA) announced on Friday that they are seeking industry experts for a one year project to ensure proper awareness of track and trace systems for medicines.

These experts will be expected to aim to create detailed guidance on prevalent technical features to facilitate interoperability, make building tools for regions that want to enforce track and trace systems, and produce tools for both new and existing systems to become interoperable.  Another goal includes examining technical interactions between alert systems and track and trace systems. Furthermore, experts are expected to identify problems and solutions in exchanging information between the different track and trace systems.

ICMRA has commented that, “track & trace systems can contribute to the rapid exchange of information. However, so far these systems have been designed and implemented with a local or regional focus, without consideration as to their interoperability with other such systems,”

These efforts of the ICMRA are built off of work already done by the World Heath Organization’s (WHO) Substandard and Falsified Medical Products initiative.

If interested in participating in this working group, please send an email to by January 15th, 2019.


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