As the world’s leading healthcare compliance marketplace and innovator, we have the privilege of doing business all around the world. RegDesk has access to hundreds of compliance experts in 179 countries. That means, through us, our clients can gain valuable insights and connections needed to launch medical products in, quite literally, almost every corner of the world.


The sole reason behind RegDesk was to further the expansion of world’s access to lifesaving medical devices and therapeutics. We are successfully achieving this by providing healthcare companies of any size with the speediest, most cost-effective and safest method of gaining expert-sourced, actionable regulatory intelligence and connecting with the right local regulatory experts. Through RegDesk, innovators, mavericks in science and technology, visionaries of a healthier tomorrow, are finally able to access and help patients and their families around the world.

In the last year, our clients have taken us to a number of surprising places and we’ve learned much from each experience. We’ve decided to share our learnings and insights from the endless pool of knowledge from our global compliance experts.

So every second Thursday of the month, check this space for a letter from an integral member of our RegDesk team with some regulatory tips and warnings about specific regions. Next week’s letter will be entitled, “What We’ve Learned While Doing Business in Iran.” Expect to find answers to your tough questions about sending your medical products to,the ever-scary to do business in sanctioned countries.


Best always,

Drita Dhami,
Director of Operations
RegDesk, Inc.