Bahrain - Top Medical Device Alerts

Circular No. (2) 2023: Authorized representatives scope verification with the imported shipments The National Health Regulatory Authority would like to announce the initiation of scope verification for authorized representatives with the scope of importation shipments as part of the importation applications review process.
Online Medical Device importation approval Guideline (OFOQ) This guideline is intended to highlight the process and requirements to get the pre-approval of medical device importation through the OFOQ system.
Medical Devices Registration Guideline. "The new version of the Medical Devices Registration Guideline in Bahrain. Note: The new version's implementation date will start on April 23, 2023. "
Annoncement for Ajheza System The national health regulatory authority would like to announce the new method of submission for medical device authorized representatives and medical device registration applications through the AJHEZA system that will replace the current submission method done through email. The implementation of the new method started on the 2nd of January, 2023.
Accrediting Al Bastki training and consulting company The National Health Regulatory Authority would like to announce the accreditation of Al Bastaki Training & consultation company services to facilitate the process of importing medical device supplies and to applicants facing difficulties in preparing the required documents to speed up the importation process.
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